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    • sowjanya
    • 746 Days ago
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    Legislators considered more than 500 bills in 2016 to combat prescription drug misuse and overdose. Find out what issues were popular and what bills passed in NCSL’s new blog post. As overdose death rates continue to rise in the U.S., these topics are sure to stay at the forefront in the 2017 legislative sessions.

  • governement employes are irresponsilble

    • syed saida begum
    • 1565 Days ago
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    as our locality people are going for pension from last 2 months. here people are very poor. many of them are depending on the pension. officers are irresponsible.many of them didn't get their pension from 2-3 months.no body are responding.some widows are working as labors,they are leaving their work and going for pension.from the morning to night officers are allowing them to stand outside. bio-m
  • No justice from 25 years, issue still pending on table.

    • hussain
    • 2371 Days ago
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    Since 25 years we hope justice, my grand mother filed a case against the illegal construction she passed away and my mother still fighting for the justice. Every lawyer says a blind judge can give the judgement in your favor as your case is clear but even a visible judge finds to escape from the right judgment. Lawyer are money makers ... after the wrong judgment ... they ask to file the
  • Land Grabbing , Mental harassment & Physical threat

    • Mohan Ahuja
    • 2425 Days ago
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    My father has bought a piece of land long back around 1996. Due to business requirement's he has obtained a loan by mortgage of the land from State financial corporation and still repayment is on the way. Few local anti-social elements supported by local powerful businessmen/others allegedly planted a Board on the land trying to prove their alleged ownership over the land. When my father knowing
  • Harrassment on Renovation/Constructions of Old Houses

    • Syed Najeeb
    • 2439 Days ago
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    Sub:- Representation Regarding the objection raised by the Military Authority restriction Towards the construction of buildings as per the G.O.Ms No. 86 U.D & M.A Dated 03-03-2006 situated at Khasim Ali Khan Compound & Hasham Compound, First Lancer, Ahmed Nagar, Masab Tank, Hyderabad – 28. Ref: Arising Respected Sir, We beg to bring the followi